*NEW* Paris Feather hairpiece

Holly Feather hairpiece birdcage veil set by Lily Bella


Paris Feather hairpiece on clip - no veil
Paris Feather hairpiece & Ivory birdcage veil
Paris Feather hairpiece & Ivory mini birdcage veil
PAris Feather hairpiece and bandeau ivory veil

Paris Ivory Feather & bird cage veil set - new for 2018 -Handmade in our Buckinghamshire studio.

Beautifully hand made feather hairpiece in ivory with a vintage rhinestone middle (shown on product shot) . Stunning vintage sparkle with a mix of rhinestones and pearls. Stunning mix of ivory feathers.

This feather hairpiece comes on small silver crocodile clip.

The feather hairpiece comes with ( if you choose as a 2 piece set) with a separate bandeau veil, mini birdcage veil or birdcage veil.

Lily Bella model wears with a bandeau birdcage veil.

Image showing feather hairpiece shows the size of the feather part only.