Lily Bella - We love birdcage veils! 

About Us

Founded in 2009 by Kirsty Griffiths from a box bedroom we now have over 300 fabulous boutiques across the UK, Northern Ireland, Europe and the world.

We love birdcage veils and have over 25 different styles of birdcage bases from our best selling classic bird cage veil to our fabulous longer length tulle veil. All our birdcage veil designs are carefully handmade using the finest French net in our office by one of our skilled designers in Buckinghamshire.

In 2010 Kirsty created our first bridal belt collection of 3 belts , we now do over 100 styles of belts and are the UK's leading bridal belt company with over 400 beautiful stockists selling our belts and hairpieces .

We love feathers and stock a vast collection of handmade pieces from our baby Amelia to are hand sewn deluxe Pearl feather hairpiece. We love working with feathers and use the finest Goose and Ostrich feathers . 

Our hair vines launched in 2015 have fast become our top selling pieces due to the fabulous quality and flexible design. Loved by brides the world over!

2018 is a big year! Fabulous new bridal belts in rose gold, new pearl belts and bridal straps! Coming to a fabulous boutique near you soon

Meet The Lily Bella Team

Kirsty Griffiths - Creative Director & Owner

Kirsty started her first business at the age of 7 when she set up her own tuck shop. Kirsty comes from a retail and e-commerce background where she has travelled all over Europe as a buyer with over 15 years working in retail management. After having her 2 children she set about starting her own business by founding Lily Bella in 2009 and due to its success and the sale of her wedding hire company in early 2012 she purchased Yarwood-White Ltd in November 2012. 

Kirsty is never parted from her mac, and loves being busy, which is lucky.

Chloe  - Accounts Manager

Chloe has worked for Yarwood-White since early 2013 and has already delighted hundreds of brides with her perfect creations.  She makes the trickiest design look easy and some say she can do it blindfolded (although we haven't tested her yet.) She has the lovely job of dealing with all of out lovely stockists.

Cara - Maker 

Cara has worked for Lily Bella since early 2014. Tea drinker and lover of jaffa cakes Cara is a wizz with the glue gun and creates many of our more intricate pieces.

Sarah - Maker

Sarah joined Lily Bella in 2013 and really does make jewellery making look easy! she also makes a mean cookie! 

Melanie - Maker

Melanie joined Lily Bella in early 2017 and is a very skilled maker who loves nothing more than making our hair vines and pins!

Kelly -  Maker

Kelly joined Lily Bella in 2017 and is a wizz with a glue gun! Diet coke drinker and super fast hair pin maker! 



Lily Bella can be found in many leading bridal magazines, blogs and bridal websites.
We welcome the chance to design bespoke birdcage veils so feel free to contact us.. hello@lilybella.co.uk



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